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Grrre Games

2-5 players | 45 min | ages 10+

Grid coverage, set collection, space fantasy

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After millennia of sterility, life has sprung again on Rauha. As a venerable Shaman, one of its five worlds has been entrusted to you. Your powers are divine and allow you to shape the environment in order to turn this world into a cradle of life energy, keeper of serenity and harmony for the centuries to come. 

Obtain the most victory points, represented as Life Energy, to win the game. You have 2 Ages to turn your world into an energetic core of Rauha. In Age 1, vegetation, terrain, and wildlife will appear. In Ape 2, civilizations will thrive.


- 45 Spore tokens

- 40 Age 1 Biome cards

- 40 Age 2 Biome cards

- 7 Divine Entity tiles

- 5 Energy tokens

- 5 Avatars

- 37 Crystals

- 15 Crystals x4

- 6 100+ tokens

- 5 Satellite boards

- 5 Player boards

- 1 Black Hole board

- 1 Central Scoring board and Game Aid

- 2 side pieces

- 1 rulebook

Game info

Dimensions: 9.72 x 9.72 x 1.77 in

Weight: TBA lbs

Release date: Q2 2023

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