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Frequently Asked Questions

Where's my order?

Please check your order and see if any of the following could explain its status:

  • Orders are held until all items are available. - If your order includes a pre-order, or multiple pre-orders, it will be held until all games have been released.
  • The order status says "Delivered" but I don't have it! - Please check the tracking information to make sure it was sent to the correct address. Sometimes items will show up a day after they've been marked delivered. Otherwise, please reach out to customer service for support.
  • The Tracking says Undeliverable! - Uh-oh. This can happen sometimes due to an incorrect address, someone not being home for delivery, loose dog in the yard, tired delivery driver - so many reasons. Check your address is correct and contact customer support.

My box/insert is damaged. Can I get a replacement?

Unfortunately we do not replace damaged boxes or inserts for two reasons.

1.) They are very expensive to offer as replacements since we need to destroy a full game and ship a full-sized box.

2.) More often than not the replacement arrives damaged as well, creating a cycle of replacements.

I ordered a game by mistake and want to return it. How do I do that?

As a small business, we aren't able to process returns and exchanges as easily as larger e-commerce companies.

For all returns, the product(s) must still be unopened and sealed in shrinkwrap and you must pay for the return shipping to our warehouse. Once the warehouse confirms receipt of the returned game, we will issue the refund to the payment method used during checkout.

You must contact us via email to begin the return process within 10 days of receiving your order. The returned product must be received at our warehouse within 30 days of beginning the return process.

You can find more info on our Refund Policy page.

I live in Canada. How do I get your games?

This website is for our customers in the USA. For shopping within Canada, please visit