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2-5 players | 45 min | Ages 10+

Card drafting, Set collection, Auction

Nidavellir, the Dwarf Kingdom, is threatened by the dragon Fafnir. As a venerable Elvaland, you have been appointed by the King. Search through every tavern in the kingdom, hire the most skillful dwarves, recruit the most prestigious heroes, and build the best battalion you can to defeat your mortal enemy!

Each turn in Nidavellir, bid a coin on each tavern. In descending order, choose a character and add this character to your army. Each dwarf class has its own scoring way: blacksmith, hunter, warrior, explorer, and miner. A meticulous recruitment will allow you to attract a powerful hero to your army.

Try the Thingvellir and Idavoll expansions!


  • 87 Dwarf cards
  • 21 Hero cards
  • 5 Distinction cards
  • 5 Royal Offering cards
  • 3 Tavern Signs
  • 5 Kingdom Map boards
  • 3 Trade markers
  • 6 Gems
  • 60 Coins
  • 4 card holders
  • 1 Royal Treasure
  • 1 scorepad
  • 1 rulebook (download here)

Game info

Dimensions: 9.8 x 9.8 x 3.0 in

Weight: 2.56 lbs

Release date: 2020

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  • Awards

    2020 Golden Geek Best Card Game nominee

    2020 Golden Geek Medium Game of the Year nominee

    2020 Tric Trac d'Or winner

    2020 Swiss Gamers Award winner

    2021 International Gamers Award Multiplayer nominee

    2021 Nederlandse Spellenprijs Best Advanced Game nominee

    2022 Spiel of Approval winner

  • Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

    "I really like this game. [Nidavellir] is like Splendor but quadruple the fun. Such a smooth, amazing game."

    Watch the full review 
  • Rolling Dice & Taking Names

    "I can't believe a game that is as simple as 'make a bid, take a card' is so much fun."

    Read the full review 
  • Nerds on Earth

    "The hype is real, and this game of cutthroat bidding will turn your eyes green as you hoard your wealth and win the King’s favor with your happy troupe of Dwarves."

    Read the full review 
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