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Gosu X

Gosu X

Sorry We Are French

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2 players | 20 min | ages 14+

Hand management, tableau builder, multiple win conditions

The Jalaanx universe is dominated by 8 Immortals, demigods engaged in conflicts since the dawn of time. Alliances are made and broken every time a new war comes. The red moon approaches, forge a new alliance and be prepared for an epic battle. Even if a military victory is always honorable, especially for the great Goan-Sul, a hidden 9th demigod offers new ways to win the battle...

Gosu X is a combo card game in which players build up their army using the cards from their deck, made of 3 clans. At the end of each round, a Great Battle takes place, where the player with the highest military value comes closer to victory.


- 120 cards

- 16 wooden pieces

- 8 Immortal tiles

- 1 board

- 1 cloth bag

- 1 rulebook (download here)

Game info

Dimensions: 8.66 x 8.66 x 2.36 in

Weight: 1.68 lbs

Release date: Q1 2023

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  • Semi Co-op

    "In this competitive card game, a single battle takes place at the end of a round when both players passed, so the game itself is all about building your forces while hindering your opponent. Expect a LOT of shenanigans, unique powers and creative combos."

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