About Us

Who is Hachette?

Hachette Livre was founded as a book publisher in Paris in 1826 by Louis Hachette. The Hachette Livre Group provides everything from formal text books to captivating comics. With a consistent focus on impressive variety and outstanding quality, Hachette always tailors its offerings to its audience. This philosophy also underpins their growth into board games in 2019, bringing together some of the industry’s top publishers.

Our Boardgames

Hachette Boardgames US has put together a small but powerful collection of independent publishers that are making significant waves throughout the board gaming world.

From the #1 children’s game on BoardGameGeek, to exciting strategy games and top-rated party games, Hachette Boardgames US has an incredibly diverse offering - including exclusive titles not available anywhere else!

Because we have something for everyone, our catalog will please experienced gamers as much as first-timers and casual players.

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