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Expeditions: Around the World

Expeditions: Around the World

Super Meeple

Race, Travel, Exploration

Hachette Boardgames US 2 - 6 Players Hachette Boardgames US 8+ Hachette Boardgames US 30 min
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Embark on an adventurous race around the world in Expeditions: Around the World! Discover extraordinary destinations, immerse yourself in new cultures, encounter exotic wildlife, and marvel at stunning landscapes!

Three expeditions depart from Northern Europe, engaging every player in each thrilling journey. With secret destinations in mind, players aim to influence expeditions, reaching as many as possible to shape courses and score victory points. Experience detailed, stunning artwork, and fascinating facts on each location card.

Get ready for a tabletop journey, where every location card is a ticket to explore the world. Let the wonders of travel unfold in the palm of your hands with Expeditions Around the World!



1 Gameboard
80 Expeditions cards
135 Arrows in 3 colors
40 Tickets
24 Tokens in 6 colors
6 Large tokens
4 Player aids

Game info

Dimensions: 12.5” x 12.5” x 2.5”
Weight: 2.86 lbs


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