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Middle Ages

Middle Ages

Studio H

Set Collection, Drafting, Medieval Adventures

Hachette Boardgames US 2 - 5 Players Hachette Boardgames US 10+ Hachette Boardgames US 30 min
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In Middle Ages, you are the head of a fiefdom and the future lies in your hands. Choose your path wisely, whether you focus on agriculture, faith, or luxury, and shape your realm according to your vision.

Explore the essence of medieval urban life through 8 distinct tiles: fields, farms, villages, forts, markets, barracks, churches, and palaces. Each tile features its own scoring system yet linked to others, offering a rich and immersive gaming experience. Unleash strategic maneuvers, from daring assaults on rival fiefdoms to reserving tiles for future use. Harness the power of tactical combinations to amplify your income and pave your way to triumph!
  • Includes screenprinted wooden player pieces
  • Every tile features unique art
  • Build your fiefdom and create a money-making engine
  • From the designer of Splendor! Marc André  


5 Fiefdom boards
5 Lord pieces
5 Scout pieces
93 Money tokens
15 Event cards
16 Bonus tokens
84 Plot tiles

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10.7" x 7.4" x 2.6"

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