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Super Meeple

Tile Placement, Worker Placement, Prehistoric

Hachette Boardgames US 1 - 4 Players Hachette Boardgames US 14+ Hachette Boardgames US 90 min
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Step into Doggerland, a board game where you lead a tribe in 15,000 BCE. Lead your clan, grow your population, and survive changing seasons.

Explore diverse landscapes, adapt to resources, and compete with rival clans. The game's dynamic terrain and strategic leadership add depth, as clans migrate to thrive.

Each game features unique terrain with modular tiles. Players strategize, adapting to available resources, and rival actions. Resources deplete over time, necessitating migration for survival.

Navigate 6-8 seasons, accumulate points, and aim for the most enduring legacy. Doggerland offers a history-packed, mystical tabletop adventure, blending strategy and resource management!


1 Double-sided game board
1 Central starting tile
8 Starting tiles
24 Double-sided habitat tiles
24 Double-sided Scarcity tiles
60 Terrain tiles
18 Handicraft tiles
12 Fresco tiles
8 Objective tiles
30 Resources
28 Animal meeples
2 Storage trays
1 Rulebook
1 Scorepad

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Dimensions: 11.8” x 11.8” x 2.9”
Weight: 5.66 lbs


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