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Push Your Luck, Fast and Fun

Hachette Boardgames US 3 - 8 Players Hachette Boardgames US 8+ Hachette Boardgames US 15 min
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NOW! is a real-time competitive card game where everyone plays simultaneously. Discard your cards as quickly as possible in search of the perfect number! Watch out, your deck is limited and you’ll go through it faster than you’d think!

Get as close as possible to the target numbers (without going over!) to win them. Think you have the best card? Shout "NOW!" ON YOUR CARDS. GET SET. DISCARD!!

BONUS: 2-Player variant included!


161 Cards
32 Target cards
128 Player cards
1 Refresh card
1 Rulebook

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Dimensions: 4.05" x 5.86" x 1.41"
Weight: 0 lbs


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