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Dinged Nidavellir Royal Deluxe Treasure

Dinged Nidavellir Royal Deluxe Treasure

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Treasure Chest Box, Coins

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This product is sold As-Is, with no replacement support.

Open The Royal Deluxe Treasure box, and behold the wonder of Nidavellir coins! Featuring a bevelled opening, a thermoformed display case to hold the coins, and closed by a transparent plastic lid, this treasure box is majestic!

The display neatly organizes the uniquely designed Royal Treasure pieces, providing dedicated compartments for the 5 Elvalands starting pieces, and a designated area for discarding pieces during gameplay. The Royal Deluxe Treasure box measures at: 9.5"x8.5"x4".

The Royal Deluxe Treasure contains 69 specially designed poker chips, 40 mm in diameter and 3.3 mm thick, with a weight of 13.5 gr.

These coins do have a manufacturing issue where stress fractures and occasional cracks are present where stickers were placed. Instead of throwing the coins away, the coins are still usable even with their flaws. We have discounted these coins from their original price and are selling them as is. The destruction of these less-than-perfect coins would be a large waste of the resources that went into their creation and procurement. The photographs in the product listing show examples of the various cracks that may be present.

A game variant with an asymmetrical start is also available: this means that at the start of the game, you'll get different coins from the other Elvalands, according to the gem drawn at random. This will result in a modification of the Royal Treasure with the addition of an 18, 23 and 25 coin (included in the Deluxe Royal Treasure). 

This product is sold As-Is, with no replacement support.


69 Poker Chip Coins
Royal Treasure Box

Game info

Dimensions: 9.5” x 8.5” x 4”

Weight: 3.30 lbs


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