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Nidavellir Art Box

Nidavellir Art Box

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New Illustrations, Card Sleeves

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Explore Nidavellir's various classes through the visions of 5 artists in this stunning Art Box! Emy Blacksheep designed the Blacksmiths, Harry Conway for the Hunters, Satoshi Matsuura for the Miners, Jean-Marie Minguez for the Warriors and Guy-Pascal Vallez for the Explorers.

Enjoy the stunning 97 meticulously designed cards (54x80mm), each boasting breathtaking illustrations that capture the essence of the unique dwarves from every class, alongside the charismatic heroes and heroines. Elevate your gaming experience further with 101 exclusive card sleeves included in the Nidavellir Art Box!

Please note: This incredible box showcases the enchanting world of Nidavellir, excluding the Neutral heroes and heroines, Royal Offerings, and Distinctions, with the exception of the special Blacksmith card

To sleeve all Nidavellir and Thingvellir cards, you need to complete your order with the card sleeves, click here to learn more.


97 Cards
101 Card Sleeves
Art Box

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