February Fun for Two Player (and more!) Board Games

February Fun for Two Player (and more!) Board Games

Welcome February with an array of exhilarating board games while immersing yourself in exciting adventures and challenges alongside your gaming partner. From cooperative quests to cosmic battles, this February promises fantastic gaming experiences crafted for dynamic duos! 


 Back in stock alert and just in time for February!! Sky Team has been soaring off our shelves everywhere, we recommend picking up today! Join forces as a dynamic pilot and co-pilot duo in Sky Team. This exclusive 2-player cooperative game lets you manage the controls of an airliner, working together to achieve successful landings at various airports worldwide. 



Qawale is a brilliantly simple yet tactical 2-player game! Can you line up four stones faster than your opponent? This Barnes & Noble Game of the Month is a must-try! Check your local store for demos and discover the strategic fun waiting for you.




 Ready for cosmic battles? Step into the thrilling Jalaanx universe with Gosu X, a game designed for two players. Build your army with vibrant clans, each introducing unique rules. The exhilarating Great Battle awaits, where strategic moves lead to victory in this dynamic and fun-filled cosmic showdown! 



 Oh Really? is the perfect game for sparking insightful discussions and laughs with your special someone or friends. Guess each other's preferences in 200 different topics, making it a wonderful choice for dates or gatherings. 



Imagine being shipwrecked on a mysterious volcanic island with The Nautilus, an abandoned submarine. As you explore, gather survival items, and repair the submarine, consider the question: Who would you want to be on this deserted island with? Choose wisely, as you race against fellow castaways for the ultimate escape! 



Work together as brave Rangers in Oltréé, a cooperative game, where rebuilding a Fortress is the key to ensuring safety and tranquility in the province! Assigned with initial tasks, players face unexpected challenges from external events in an unfolding Chronicle. Navigating through Incidents, players strive to maintain Fortress Prestige and Defense, aiming to reach the final chapter and conclude their tale of triumph! 



In Rauha, your goal is to revitalize lifeless planets with your shamanic prowess, breathing vitality into once desolate landscapes. Unleash divine powers to shape a world into a lively cradle of life, promising centuries of serenity and harmony. Prepare for an extraordinary adventure, where cosmic creativity meets endless fun! 


 After centuries of exploitation, pollution has spread, but fear not! Play as a guide in the enchanting Tribes of the Wind, using elemental magic to combat pollution. Cultivate lush forests, construct charming cities in the treetops, and join in the joy of securing a pollution-free future for mankind! Who will become the best guide in Tribes of the Wind and become victorious? 

February brings thrilling adventures in these fantastic board games. Whether soaring the skies, strategizing cosmic battles, or navigating enchanted realms, there's a game for every duo. Which one will be your February favorite? Be sure to sign up for our Rewards program where you can earn points on every purchase and redeem for discounts!

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