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Task Team

Task Team


Party Game, Teams, Wacky Challenges

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Celebrate Task Team's 25th anniversary with a revamped edition of the classic party game! Two teams compete in 150 zany challenges, overseen by a third team acting as the referee. This updated version will result in an unforgettable game night filled with laughs!

Be the first team to conquer 7 challenges and claim victory in this thrilling game!

  • Comes with everything you need for each task
  • Involves physical, mental, and vocal challenges
  • Family-friendly tasks so everyone can play!


150 Task cards
10 Dice
10 Counters
2 Spinning tops
2 Pencils
2 Notepads
2 Tape measures
1 30-Second timer
1 Rulebook

Game info

Dimensions: 7.87” x 5.70” x 2.75”


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