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Olé Guacamole

Olé Guacamole

Scorpion Masqué

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2-8 players | 15 min | ages 10+

Party, Word, Real-time

Take turns saying a word that does not contain any of the letters visible on the table ... and which is related to the previous word! It gets hard, because we add a letter to each turn!

Each turn, the active player draws a card showing a letter and puts it on the table next to the previous ones. They now have 12 seconds to find a word thematically linked to the one told by the previous player which doesn't contain any of the letters shown on the cards already drawn. If they succeed, it is the next player's turn. But if they fail to do so, they take all the cards drawn so far and the next player starts over.


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Dimensions: 5.12 x 3.54 x 1.57 in

Weight: 0.26 lbs

Release date: November 2, 2022

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  • Awards

    2023 Games for Tweens+ finalist - ASTRA Play Awards

    Seal of Approval - The Dice Tower

  • Game Boy Geek

    Top 10 Party Games of 2022

    "If you want something that's quick and easy, that's fun, offers good challenges and laughing at yourself, this is a fun little game. Highly recommend Ole Guacamole."

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  • iCV2

    "I am totally convinced that this is the card game that people should giving instead of Uno. The game was good (a little too good), and it was definitely more challenging than I expected for a lightweight game."

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  • Blue Peg Pink Peg

    "What makes it great: compact, quick game play, plays up to 8 people. It was pretty fun."

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