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Monster Chase

Monster Chase

Scorpion Masqué

Family Fun, Memory, Monsters

Hachette Boardgames US 1 - 6 Players Hachette Boardgames US 3+ Hachette Boardgames US 10 min
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Get ready for a wild Monster Chase adventure! It's the ultimate cooperative memory game designed for little adventurers aged 3 to 7!

Mischievous monsters are sneaking out from under the bed, attempting to create a monster circle around it! But fear not, each monster is afraid of one toy that will banish it to the closet. If the players can successfully find all the right toys for each monster and send them all to the closet before a monster circle closes around the bed, they win! Otherwise, the monsters are declared victorious.

Can you and your fellow players send those monsters packing to the closet before they complete their sneaky circle? Victory is yours if you succeed, but watch out, because those tricky monsters might just declare themselves the champions!

  • Includes multiple ways to modify the game to play with younger or older children.
  • Adorable monsters of all shapes and sizes
  • Includes cardboard wardrobe/closet to put monsters in!


20 Monster cards
1 Closet card
10 Toy tiles
2 Expert tiles
3 Progression cards
1 Rulebook

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Dimensions: 7.48” x 7.48” x 1.77”


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