Gosu X: two-player tactical card duel!

Gosu X: two-player tactical card duel!

Tons of combos, tons of clashes. Will you win the Great Battle?
Happy release day to Gosu X, the latest release from Sorry We Are French - the team behind Iki, Galileo Project, and the upcoming In the Footsteps of Darwin!
Gosu X is a tactical card battle designed specifically for two players, scratching the same itch that Magic the Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh does, but with pre-made (and balanced!) decks.
Take turns drafting from the 8 clans until each player has chosen 3. Shuffle your clans together to make your deck, combining their different play styles into a unique deck. The cards from the remaining 2 clans won't be used, but they do add ongoing rules that change the course of the game!
Win through overwhelming strength, playing 15 cards, unlocking all your action tokens, or through special rules introduced by your clans!

Game info:

  • 2 players / 20 minutes / ages 14+
  • Mechanics: Deck drafting, tableau building, tactics
  • Studio: Sorry We Are French

The Jalaanx universe is dominated by 8 Immortals, demigods engaged in conflicts since the dawn of time. Alliances are made and broken every time a new war comes. The red moon approaches, forge a new alliance and be prepared for an epic battle. Even if a military victory is always honorable, especially for the great Goan-Sul, a hidden 9th demigod offers new ways to win the battle...

Gosu X is a combo card game in which players build up their army using the cards from their deck, made of 3 of the 8 clans in the game. The 2 clans unchosen by either player add ongoing rules and effects. At the end of each round, a Great Battle takes place, where the player with the highest military value comes closer to victory.

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