Fireside Favorites: Top Games to Play for a Cozy Winter Evening

Fireside Favorites: Top Games to Play for a Cozy Winter Evening

It’s the new year, and you may have received a game or two the past couple of months. Especially if you attended PAXU! Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over, it’s time to enjoy those new games. Here are our recommendations for a cozy winter game night! 

Oh Really? is a lively game where you guess preferences on 200 different topics, making it perfect for cozy get-togethers. Adding fun, laughter, and a great way to break the ice at dinners or parties! 


 The Dwarf Kingdom, Nidavellir, faces danger from the dragon Fafnir. Your task is to explore all the taverns, hire skilled dwarves, recruit heroes, and build the best army to defeat the dragon! Nidavellir sets the perfect vibe for a winter adventure with its muted colors and shrouded characters.  



Escape the day-to-day winter blues by opening a restaurant in the magical city of Paris! Become the best restaurant owner in the new Parisian square in Dinner in Paris by collecting ingredients, building terraces, completing objectives and more!  



Galileo Project promises to brighten your winter days with its dynamic combination of space-themed gameplay, combos, and high-quality components. Embark to settle Jupiter's moons, strategically assigning robots to unlock diverse bonuses and make your cosmic mark in the solar system! 



Discover a captivating and competitive (or solo!) deduction game with Turing Machine! Offering a unique experience of questioning a proto-computer without electricity or technology. Elevate your gaming with this innovative deduction game, paving the way for a new generation of entertainment!



Welcome to the exciting world of Suspects, where gameplay unfolds like the pages of an Agatha Christie novel. Immerse yourself in the mystery with 'Murder at Allister Manor,' set against the backdrop of a fresh winter storm, as you unravel clues and navigate the complex web of suspense in this immersive and thrilling experience.  


Explore a world tainted by pollution as a Guide in Tribes of the Wind. Amid vibrant forests and colorful high cities, use elemental magic to combat pollution, foster forest growth, build canopies, and secure a thriving future for mankind. This eye-catching board game will transport anyone to the tropical vibes set in Tribes of the Wind.  


 Grab your most comfortable blanket, hot beverage of choice and Katamino for the ultimate satisfying solo game! This puzzle game seamlessly blends 2D and 3D challenges, where the possibilities are nearly limitless with countless combinations to explore!  


Whichever game you pick for a delightful and cozy Winter evening, we hope you have a wonderful time!
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