Expeditions: Around the World!

Expeditions: Around the World!


Set off on a thrilling tabletop journey to discover extraordinary destinations, immerse in diverse cultures, and encounter exotic wildlife, all from the comfort of your tabletop in Expeditions: Around the World! Three expeditions depart from Northern Europe, engaging every player in each thrilling journey. With hidden destinations in play, players strategize their moves to influence the course of the expeditions, aiming to reach as many as possible to shape the outcome and score victory points.



Expeditions: Around the World contains 80 location expedition cards, offering both private and public goals that vary in each game, guaranteeing limitless replayability and discovery. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to tabletop adventures, this game promises an immersive experience for everyone.

One of the captivating aspects of Expeditions: Around the World is its stunning artwork and fascinating facts featured on each location card. From intricate designs to breathtaking landscapes, players are transported to far-off lands, igniting their sense of adventure and wonder.

Join the expedition today and let the wonders of world travel unfold on your tabletop with Expeditions: Around the World. Prepare for an adventure like no other—a journey filled with discovery, strategy, and endless fun! 


Game info:

  • 2-6 players / 30 minutes / ages 8+
  • Mechanics: Race, Route Building, Exploration
  • MSRP: $34.99
  • Release date: May 2024
  • Studio: Super Meeple
Jump into the action today on BoardGame Arena and experience the thrill of Expeditions: Around the World with friends from around the globe! Embark on strategic gameplay and adventure without leaving the comfort of your home.
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