Chase the Monsters Away!

Chase the Monsters Away!

 Say goodnight to monsters in Monster Chase! Tailored for young gamers aged 3 to 7, this cooperative memory game guarantees non-stop excitement and thrills.

Picture this: mischievous monsters are on the loose, sneaking out from under the bed to form a dreaded monster circle around it. Don't fret! Each monster has a weakness—a specific toy that will send it packing to the closet. It's up to the you and your fellow players to flex their memory muscles, find the right toys, and banish the monsters before the circle closes!


Can you and your teammates outsmart the monsters and save the day before the monsters complete their sneaky circle? Victory is within reach for those who succeed, but be warned—these tricky monsters won't go down without a fight!

With various ways to adjust the game for different age groups, a delightful array of monsters in all shapes and sizes, and even a cardboard wardrobe to contain the defeated monsters, Monster Chase guarantees endless family fun. Get ready to chase those monsters away and triumph in this unforgettable adventure!

Game info:

  • 1-6 players / 10 minutes / ages 3+
  • Mechanics: Memory, Family Fun, Monsters 
  • MSRP: $14.99
  • Release date: May 2024
  • Studio: Scorpion Masqué

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