2023 Holiday Gift Guide

2023 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us, and we're here to help you spread joy with the most wonderful gifts for your loved onesWe have amazing titles that fit every personality and type of gamer, from solo gamer to party host, from light card games to heavy strategic ones and everyone in between! Whether you're shopping for family, friends, or treating yourself, our holiday gift guide is your one-stop destination for a truly memorable gifting experience. 


For the one who has everything: 

Do they have our latest and greatest releases? Sure, Sky Team was technically available at Gen Con and Essen Spiel this year, however, in very limited quantities. This 2-player co-op game has been literally taking flight off our shelves and game stores.  Virtual Revolution, ZhanGuo, Turbo Kidz, Suspects 3: Adele and Neville are all amazing titles that were released just last month too!  Pick up Sky Team if you see it, we anticipate it selling out early!

"Sky Team is really fun!" - The Brothers Murph


For the Party Host: 

 This person is the life of the party, and often is the one hosting! CDSK is a welcoming and absolutely fun trivia game where you bet on how well you know the subject!  


"CDSK is the best new trivia game because you get to decide how hard it is every turn." - Grant from Grants Game Recs



Hellapagoes Big Box a thrilling "co-opetition" game for up to 12 players. Your survival on a desert island depends on building a raft together but watch out for backstabbing negotiations and betrayals, as not everyone is likely to make it out before the hurricane hits! 


"Hellapagos Big Box is a super friendly and cooperative game until the food or water aren't enough and people has to make some decisions" - Elena from Geek and Pink


For the Day Dreamer: 

Being shipwrecked and stranded on a deserted volcanic island doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world when you’re staying inside during a blizzard. Send warm thoughts to the travelers in your group this winter with Nautilus Island! Salvage an abandoned submarine, finding objects to ensure your survival


"Nautilus Island is a fun set collection game!" - Tantrum House  



In Rauha you'll take on the role of a powerful Shaman, gifted with divine abilities to cultivate life and serenity on one of the five worlds! With the fate of this world in your hands, you'll embark on an enchanting journey, shaping the environment and guiding life to thrive, making it a game filled with both cosmic wonder and the joy of creation. 


"The game is puzzly and beautiful" - Carley of Gnarley Carley Gaming


For the Nature Lover: 

 Is it grey and chilly out? Give the nature lover in your life bright and colorful games inside! The two following games are delightful, and will certainly bring joy to their tabletop. In the Footsteps of Darwin, you embark on a wild adventure as junior naturalists joining Charles Darwin in his quest to complete “On the Origins of Species”!  


"It’s just a very solid game that you can teach incredibly quickly, and the rules overhead is minimal." - Abram of Nerds on Earth


In Tribes of the Wind, players step into a world where nature's magic battles pollution, and as a Guide, it's your mission to harness elemental forces to build soaring tree cities and protect humanity's future. Watch forests flourish and cities rise high above as you fend off pollution, making this game an enchanting blend of environmental stewardship and strategic fun! 


"Tribes of the Wind is a unique experience coming to the table at a time where unique is harder to find in board games." - Isaac of Gaming with Sidekicks


For the whole family: 

Get ready for some turbocharged fun in Turbo Kidz! Whether you're working together or racing head-to-head, the driver's challenge is to draw the circuit with eyes closed, while the co-pilot shouts directions and guides their thumb like a joystick to keep the race on track. It's a hilarious race to the finish line where teamwork and laughter collide! 


 "This is the perfect light hearted family party game." - Kelsey of Tabletop Family



Bravo Bravo is a fast paced card game that is the perfect size for a stocking, or as a gift for your favorite niece or nephew. It will have the whole family chiming in together as you tackle wacky challenges and embrace absurdity – a guaranteed laughter fest! 


"Bravo! Bravo! is so stinking cute!" - Steph of All the Meeples of the Rainbow



 Miller Zoo is a fantastic family game that plays from 1-6! Work collaboratively as a team managing a captivating Canadian zoo, caring for animals, and embracing new challenges. With simultaneous play, unexpected twists, and mysterious envelopes adding excitement, it's the ideal gift for an extraordinary family game night! 


"I like this, I liked the theming of it. It's a very kind and gentle theme."  - Tom Vasel of Dice Tower


Travel Friendly Games:

Traveling a lot this holiday season? Pick up one or all three of these titles to be entertained at the airport, in the car, and they’re small enough to pack in your purse or backpack!  

Katamino Pocket is a fantastic travel where you try to completely cover the game board using pieces of various shapes and sizes. While it may seem simple, with over 500 puzzles and nearly limitless combinations, each game promises a new and increasingly challenging puzzle to solve. Linkto Food and Linkto Travel are two co-operative trivia games in which players team up to find the key amongst the 50 cards that feature unique food or travel art! Romi Rami brings a delightful twist to the timeless card game "Rummy." With its wondrous new update featuring a unique double market, this game seamlessly blends the thrill of number cards with the excitement of fulfilling contracts. It's a fresh and exciting take on a classic, promising an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience.  Wherever the holiday spirit takes you, let the fun unfold with this travel-friendly game! 


 You can’t go wrong with any of these titles and more found on our website. Update their game night with classic wooden abstract games like Quoridor, Quixo, Qawale, Quarto, Pylos, or Katamino! Or surprise them with an updated version of Decrypto, celebrating 5 years with 440 new words and a stunning new look. Happy Holidays from the whole Hachette Boardgames team!  

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