Zero to 100 releasing in December!

Zero to 100 releasing in December!

In Zero to 100, your challenge is not to be too far off target when answering trivia questions. Divide players into three teams and give each team six question cards at random. Each question has a numerical answer from 0 to 100 on its reverse side, but you can never look at the back of a question card until after you play it!

The first team to have only question card in front of them wins! If multiple teams go down to one question card at the same time, they each must guess the answer on their own question card, and whichever team is closest wins.

About the game:

  • Game info: Players 2-12 / Ages 12+ / Playtime 15 min
  • Designer: Antonin Boccara
  • Studio: Scorpion Masqué
  • Mechanics: General trivia, team-based, party game
  • Pre-order from: FLGS or add to your Amazon wishlist


  • PLAY IN THREE TEAMS: Split players into 3 teams and try to be the first to discard all your cards by answering off-the-wall trivia questions correctly!

  • WACKY QUESTIONS, SURPRISING ANSWERS: You don't need to know the exact answer to the question, just get as close as possible - or closer than the other teams!

  • THREE POWER CARDS: Use these cards to adjust your answer (up or down) by 50, adjust your answer by 20, or declare you are within 5 digits for an extra discard!

  • POCKET-SIZED BOX: This small box fits in any bag, so you can easily bring it anywhere, from game night to happy hour. The flat bottom guarantees it stands up by itself too!

  • PERFECT FOR BIG GROUPS: The more players you have, the more lively the discussion will be as you ponder the numerous question cards in the game!

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