Survive, thrive and conquer Vampire Village!

Survive, thrive and conquer Vampire Village!


Together with Studio H, Hachette Boardgames joins the realm of vampires! In Vampire Village, players build defenses to defend against the wicked creatures of the night your neighbors send your way!​ This dual drafting game where you draft to build your villages and then you draft to destroy it.​ 



In a dangerous land, lead a strong village under nightly monster attacks! Build, summon heroes, and destroy your neighbors by sending creatures to them! It's a thrilling two-round journey—by day, strategize your village with cards and heroes; by night, defend and outsmart your neighbors.


When night falls, ferocious monsters emerge from the darkness and storm your village! To avoid carnage, organize your defenses, call in your heroes and... direct the most dangerous creatures toward your neighbors! Vampire Village releases in March 2024, and is for 1-5 players 10+. 

Game info:

  • 1-5 players / 20 minutes / ages 10+
  • Mechanics: Drafting, Tile Placement
  • MSRP: $24.99
  • Release Date: March 2024 
  • Studio: Studio H
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