Turing Machine available now in stores!

Turing Machine available now in stores!

After a long wait, Turing Machine is now available in game stores across the USA!

Christian Lemay, founder of Scorpion Masqué, is proud of this launch. "Certain games are added to our catalogue because we strongly believe they should exist, regardless of their sales potential, since they leave a permanent mark in gamers' hearts. This is the case with Turing Machine, from the moment we signed the contract with the designers. The passion from the gaming community (players, stores, content creators, distributors...) over the last few months has completely blown us away. We're more excited than we could have ever thought possible. Fabien and Yoann were right: powerful designs should be made, even if it means taking risks. Long live Turing Machine!"

While we are sold out on our website, your local game store may have it in stock. Contact them to reserve your copy! Otherwise, keep reading for a walk down memory lane - and for more info on the next shipment that's already en route!

Highlight of 2022 Conventions

We first revealed Turing Machine at Origins Game Fair in June and it quickly sparked a fire in the gaming scene! It became the most-anticipated game of Gen Con, Essen SPIEL, and PAX Unplugged, selling out at each show with more and more excitement.

Thank you to everyone who has demoed, purchased, and/or spread the word about Turing Machine! Your excitement and support has been infectious, for our team and other convention attendees!

Future Availability

If you weren't able to find Turing Machine at a convention or your local game store, don't worry - there's already more on the way! We have more arriving in March, and even more copies in progress at the factory. Anticipation is high for these future copies too, so make sure to place a pre-order wherever you can. Most online retailers have pre-orders open, but you can always ask your local game store to special order a copy for you. They are able to place their orders through Hachette Boardgames USA directly or with several distributors.

We know it can be disappointing having to wait longer for a game you've been looking forward to, so that's why we pressed "go" on printing more copies as soon as we realized we would sell out of the first print run. However, even though we gave this green light over the summer, the realities of the current shipping and logistics timelines mean that we don't receive these new copies until months later.

Our first restock will be arriving in March, with another quickly arriving behind it, and finally another in late 2023. Placing pre-orders with your preferred online or brick-and-mortar shop is the best way to guarantee a copy!

What's to Come?

Scorpion Masqué has a ton of features planned to support current and future Turing Machine fans, as they develop the companion website: https://turingmachine.info/

If you haven't checked out the companion site yet, make sure to try the Daily Challenge feature, which generates a new combination of Criteria cards each day. Compare your results with the Machine or challenge your friends 

First up in January, they will be creating an offline bank of Challenges, so you can download and print off hundreds of challenges to enjoy. Many players have devoured the 20 challenges in the rulebook, and want to be ready at all times to take on the next challenge. This Challenge Bank is the perfect solution!

Then in February, players will be able to create their own challenges! Choose the number of Criteria cards you want, even identifying specific cards to use, to craft custom challenges to tackle. You can even share these challenges with your friends or the larger Turing Machine community to spread the fun!

A little birdie told us there's even more to come down the line. So keep your eyes peeled!

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