Turing Machine 1st printing issues

Turing Machine 1st printing issues

As more and more players discover the wonder that is Turing Machine and dive head-first into gameplay, they are also discovering a couple issues with the first printing. Rest assured, issues affecting gameplay represent a minority of copies printed, and we are ready and able to provide replacement parts (more below!).

Publisher Scorpion Masqué describes their quality testing process and how these issues can happen, even when the utmost attention is given to checking printer samples:

Dear Turing Machine community,

Some of you have faced production issues (missing or damaged inserts mostly) with the 1st print of Turing Machine and we are very sorry about this!

Please note that we do see every piece of feedback you share and that we take the issues very seriously, even those that do not affect gameplay. The files for future prints have been reviewed with the factory and insert issues will be corrected in those copies.

To give you more insight, here is an outline of the whole verification process, for each one of our games:
1/ Production files are sent to the factory
2/ E-proofs are checked by our development team: die cuts, texts, elements positions, and colors are reviewed
3/ Production samples are checked by our development team: QA testing with each piece of the game components as well as a full assembling check

One important piece of information is that all our games are assembled by hand. Since there is a possibility of human error, the factory systematically sends us 1% of the total production of spare parts to be able to respond to players’ requests generated by those human errors. We are proud to say that despite the complexity of some projects (for example, Zombie Kidz includes legacy elements, Master Word has cards which must respect a certain order, and Turing Machine which has several complicated components including punched cards and a cardboard insert), the factory we collaborate with has a very low error rate. We are literally overwhelmed with spare parts accumulated over the years because errors never represent the entire 1% of spare parts sent.

On a more general note, if ever you encounter missing parts or incorrect material with our games, please reach out to your local game shop or our distributor for your region (you can usually see the distributor information on the game box).

The Scorpion Masqué team

Extra replacement parts are on their way to the Hachette Boardgames USA warehouse, so we'll be able to provide new pieces for any issues affecting gameplay. Simply fill out this contact form with your shipping information and piece(s) needed, and our customer service team will be in touch shortly.

Thank you for all your support of Turing Machine!

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