Turbo Kidz: On your mark, get set, draw!

Turbo Kidz: On your mark, get set, draw!

Quebecois publisher Scorpion Masqué (Turing Machine, Decrypto, Flashback: Zombie Kidz, Zombie Kidz Evolution, Ole Guacamole...) is proud to announce Turbo Kidz, a racing game for the whole family, designed by Emmanuel Gauvain. 

Apprentice racers, choose the best car, tighten your helmets, prepare your thumbs, and warm up your voice! Whether with the cooperative or competitive mode, cross the finish line as quickly as possible in hilarious races... while blindfolded!

Turbo Kidz is a game by Emmanuel Gauvain, published by Scorpion Masqué, and illustrated by NIKAO and Rémy Tornior. It will release in stores on September 6 for $24.99. A game of Turbo Kidz plays in 15 minutes with 2 to 6 players.

How to play?

In Turbo Kidz, the driver covers their eyes and has to draw a route as fast as possible while remaining on the track. Their co-pilot guides them with their voice while using the driver’s thumb as a “joystick” to avoid obstacles! Use turbo boosters to stay in the lead, activate gadgets on your car to impede opponents, and roll your way to victory. Thrills and laughter guaranteed!

Discover 16 increasingly crazy tracks in the universe of Zombie Kidz! Race through the city, skate park, sewers... After all, just because the city is overrun with zombies doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun!

Manuel Sanchez, Director of Scorpion Masqué reflects: “We rarely heard so much laughter coming from the office kitchen as when we were playtesting Turbo Kidz. We’re exploring the Zombie Kidz universe again, but this time with completely different mechanics. We also paid close attention to the game’s visuals. NIKAO revisited his characters with a mix of 2D and 3D styles, and Rémy Tornior created super fun and colorful tracks.” 

Emmanuel Gauvain, game designer, shares: “This game started as an explosive mixture of speed and chaos. With the design, I wanted to explore two very different but related things: trust in one’s senses (touch, memory...) and trust in others. But I also wanted to have a very fun, supercharged universe. In the end, players will experience the excitement of discovering a new world on a vehicle you only half-control!”

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