Romi Rami: Modern take on Rummy

Romi Rami: Modern take on Rummy

Romi Rami is a card game releasing from Randolph, the studio behind engaging social games Linkto and Oh Really.
This colorful pocket-sized box turns the classic card game Rummy on its head, making it familiar to experienced players while accessible to new players.
Pre-order now for pick-up at Gen Con or to ship directly to you for the September 13 release date!

Each turn, draft up to three cards from the market that share a common feature (suit or value). Then complete an available Contract card, if you have the matching card combo.

Each Contract gives bonus points for a specific suit, so you'll have to balance completing Contracts quickly or drafting the perfect cards to maximize your bonus points. Good thing each player has a one-time-use Joker token that lets you change the feature of one card!

At the end of the game, earn even more bonus points from majorities in different areas, via the randomized Trophy tokens. The scores are tight, so every card matters!

Game info:

  • 2-4 players / 30 minutes / ages 8+
  • Mechanics: Hand management, Drafting, Contracts
  • MSRP: $14.99
  • Release date: September 13
  • Studio: Randolph

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