PAXU 2023 Guide

PAXU 2023 Guide

PAXU is one of our favorite events although honestly, they all are, hah! This event is extra special with the fun festive lights in Philly and wonderous games to discover in the convention halls. This year we’re making spirits merry and bright with two amazing holiday specials: 



Purchase 2 select games and receive 1 game for free! This offer is exclusive to the following titles: Bravo Bravo, Imagidice, Linkto Food, Linkto Travel, Ole Guacamole, Romi Rami, and Zero to 100. Each one of these is a great size to stuff your stockings, play while traveling, or even enjoy at holiday parties!  



If you’ve already checked small games off your list, you’re still in luck! All our additional titles are 20% off when you purchase 3 or more! One for Aunt Bethany, one for Cousin Eddie, and one for you. Done and done *This offer does exclude titles from the Stocking Stuffer deal* 

We are also giving guided demos at our booth #3336. Swing on by and try some of our great games including: the new Turbo Kidz, fantastic Rauha, gorgeous Tribes of the Wind, super popular Sky Team, and more! 


Learn and Play for Sky Team and Romi Rami 

We are thrilled to have TWO of our newest releases to be a part of the Learn & Play events at PAXU ‘23! These events are perfect for those who are new to board games or looking to master a specific title. Check out the exciting Learn & Play section, where renowned industry experts will host tailored teaching sessions for these contemporary classics:  

Romi Rami will be taught by the amazing Mandi from the podcast and YouTube channel, Salt 'n' Sass (YouTube: @SaltandSassGames) on Sunday December 3 from 12-1:30. Click here for more information 


Sky Team will be taught by the dynamic duo of Ash Dasuqi and Misty Porter of Queer Table Tops (Instagram: @queertabletops). Sunday December 3 from 3:30-4:45PM. Click here for more information 

No need to fret about registrations; simply grab a seat on a first-come, first-served basis. Hot tip: be sure to add it to your calendar today, and not miss out on the fun! 

If you'd like to demo either of these games at another time, visit our booth #3336 or the Mox Game Lounge (Room 201A). Every Learn & Play title will be available there all weekend.  


First Look 

Ready to discover gaming treasures at PAXU? The First Look Area, Hall C, is where you can experience the hottest games, with titles straight from Essen, unreleased editions, and games yet to hit the US market! We will have TWO titles for you to play and learn at First Look! From the Moon and Evil Corp, which we’ll be bringing to the US in 2024 

In From the Moon, players are representatives of factions trying to complete space missions departing from our moon in order to help Humankind survive elsewhere in the Galaxy. The fate of the Earth is sealed, and time is running out! 


Join Evil Corp., where we've spent 666 generations perfecting the art of scaring human villages. In our team seminar, managers recruit monster teams and compete to be the ultimate terrorizer. To win, be the first to control a second village and become the CEO by sending your monster troops to spook the villagers more than your rivals. 


Demo Table Zone

We even have two titles in the Demo Table Zone, in the center of Hall C! Here you'll be able to play Virtual Revolution or ZhanGuo: The First Empire in its entirety. Swing by the Hachette table in the Demo Area to sign-up for a play session!


In Virtual Revolution players need to expand influence, set up servers, develop verses, and recruit agents. Avoid attracting the attention of the Necromancers who will do anything to take you down. Will you manage to become the most influential corporation in Neo Paris?


In ZhanGuo: The First Empire, you go along with the Emperor's plans to offer your family a place in the Terracotta Army. To help you in this challenging task, 6 cards will be at your disposal every round: they will give you permanent support during the rest of the game or will obtain you the Emperor’s approval for your actions.


That’s it! With so many fun and exciting things to do at PAXU, we are certainly counting down the days until it’s here. Happy Holidays!  

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