Origins Game Fair 2024 Event

Origins Game Fair 2024 Event

We'll see you at BOOTH #1311 at Origins Game Fair on June 19-23, 2024 in Columbus, OH! Here's a quick round-up of all the fun stuff we have planned for the show. 



This list rounds up all the newest releases and demos for the convention. Here's a quick link to our games. Make sure to give them a thumbs-up, and mark your interest so you can easily access them in the future!



Our booth #1311 is the place to enjoy quick 15-minute demos of our newest releases! Get an overview of the gameplay, ask our amazing demo team any of your burning questions, and head to the next table to get a feel for the next game!



Limited tickets are still available for our Learn & Play Events! Step away from the convention hour and get a dedicated time slot to learn one of our heavier games. Titles include From the Moon, Evil Corp., Virtual Revolution, Galileo Project, and ZhanGuo: The First Empire.

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