Northgard pre-orders open now!

Northgard pre-orders open now!

Northgard: Uncharted Lands is our next big release, and it's currently on the BoardGameGeek Hotness (#12 at the moment, woohoo!) thanks to all the excited Kickstarter backers receiving their pledges.

This hefty box contains a streamlined 4X experience with deck-building elements, all set in the viking world of the titular video game. The gameplay and strategies of the video game have been translated into approachable versions of some of the most involved board game mechanics, making it a game that bridges the interests of digital and analog players.

How to enjoy NORTHGARD at Gen Con?

🛍️ Pre-order your copy & pick up at booth #2109!
🎲 Demo at one of three tables at booth #2109!
🎟️ Sign up for free events at this link!
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Game info:

  • Game info: Players 2-5 / Ages 13+ / Playtime 45-90 min
  • Designer: Adrian Dinu | Original publisher: Studio H Games
  • Mechanics: Territory building, Tile placement, Dice rolling, Deck building
  • Release: August 17, 2022; early copies at Gen Con
  • Pre-order: Amazon or FLGS

What is 4X? Games that have these 4 mechanics at their core:

  • Explore: Reveal additional map tiles to increase the play area.
  • Expand: Increase your territory size by moving or battling across the map.
  • Exploit: Gain resources and/or points from your territories.
  • Exterminate: Battle other players and remove them from the map.

Watch the 2-minute clip above to get an overview of the gameplay and components!


  • STREAMLINED 4X GAME: Explore, expand, exterminate, and exploit the lands to ensure your viking clan has the most fame and prosperity!
  • SIMPLIFIED DECK-BUILDING: At the end of each round, gain 1 new card with upgraded actions, multiple actions, or end-of-game scoring on them!
  • 70+ PLASTIC MINIS: Bring the world to life with your own set of 14 plastic vikings. See who controls each terrain with these 3D player pieces!
  • 50+ UNIQUE CARDS: In addition to your starting cards, there are over 50 unique cards that you can add to their hands for powerful actions!
  • 7 DIFFERENT CLANS: Choose one of 7 different viking clans to control, each with three unique powers that you can upgrade during the game!

Based on the universe of the Northgard video game, Northgard: Uncharted Lands is a game of conquest and exploration set in the age of vikings. Each player controls a Viking clan and builds their own deck, looking to achieve victory by reaping glory in various ways or controlling the most prized territories of this new continent.

1. Explore new lands

Reveal a new tile and expand the map along a territory you control, creating a living landscape that evolves with your strategy and choices!




2. Construct buildings

Spend wood to construct a large or small building in your territory. Then benefit from the effects they provide for combat, resources, or victory points!




3. Defend territories

Defend your lands from neighbors wandering into your territory. Reinforce your troops, then roll dice to determine the victor who takes control of the lands!




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