Movie Mind: Prove you're the biggest film buff!

Movie Mind: Prove you're the biggest film buff!

Movie Mind releasing in December!

With your team, dive into the scenery of Movie Mind, scrutinize the smallest detail and try to answer the 5 questions in time to earn as many points as possible. Questions are divided up to match each player/team's color and a bonus question can be answered that awards the whole 5 points at once.

800 films to be found through more than 1000 questions covering all cinematographic styles: Ghostbusters, Interstellar, The Silence of the Lambs, Shrek, The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain and more.

About the game:

  • Game info: Players 2-9 / Ages 14+ / Playtime 20 min
  • Designers: Boris Uzan
  • Studio: Gigamic
  • Mechanics: Trivia, team-based, real time
  • Pre-order from: FLGS, Amazon, or Miniature Market

  • PERFECT FOR FILM BUFFS: Answer 5 trivia questions each round, based on your knowledge of 800 different movies!
  • FIND REFERENCES IN IMAGES: If you need help answering a question, take a closer look at the card for the round. There are easter eggs hidden in the image!
  • 800 FILMS DEPICTED: Movies from a wide stretch of decades and genres are referenced in the questions and artwork on the 80 illustrated cards.
  • INCLUDES OVER 1400 QUESTIONS: Play again and again, referencing the most beloved and obscure films in pop culture!
  • COMPETITIVE OR COOPERATIVE: Depending on how you like to play, have your team gain the most points - or work together to answer as many questions as possible!

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