In the Footsteps of Darwin releasing June 7

In the Footsteps of Darwin releasing June 7

The newest release from Sorry We Are French is releasing on June 7th! Pre-order today to guarantee a copy of this family-weight tile placement game!

In the Footsteps of Darwin is a family weight tile placement game where you are all playing as a research assistant to famed biologist Charles Darwin. Accompany him on his voyage around the globe, documenting all the new species you come across during your travels.
Sail around the world, discovering new animal species wherever your ship, The Beagle, anchors. Develop theories to change your end-game scoring conditions whenever you study an animal with the same characteristics as one you previously studied. Publish your work to gain bonus victory points as you finish rows of animal classes or columns of ecosystems. And come across other historical figures who will assist you on your travels!

Game info:

  • 2-5 players / 30 minutes / ages 8+
  • Designers: Grégory Grard & Matthieu Verdier
  • Mechanics: Rondel movement, tile placement, pattern building
  • Studio: Sorry We Are French
  • Release date: June 7th


  • HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS: From the full color Beagle token, thick cardboard tiles and tokens, and watercolor illustrations, enjoy a beautiful and immersive experience.

  • EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION: Peruse the included appendix for information on all the species and historical figures featured in the game.

  • SIMPLE RULES, ENGAGING GAMEPLAY: Learn the rules in 5 minutes and jump straight into the fun, with mechanics that make sense thematically. 

  • AFFECT OTHER PLAYERS' CHOICES: The tile you choose affects how far The Beagle will move around the board, determining which tiles are available for the next player.

  • MULTIPLE STRATEGIES: Focus on completing rows and columns for bonus points or change your end-game scoring for huge pay off. 

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