Guide to Gen Con 2022

Guide to Gen Con 2022

We are getting so excited for Gen Con! It's just a few weeks away now! We're going down our checklist and making sure everything is all set:

✅ Booth banners printed
✅ Games on the way
✅ Events scheduled
✅ Secret prototypes made

But our next ☑️ on our to-do list is to make this handy guide so you knew exactly what we have going on at the show, and how you can participate!

Demo games at booth #2109
Get a feel for the rules and components!

Come say hi at booth #2109! We'll have multiple tables of all these games, giving quick overviews of the rules so you can get a feel of the gameplay. Try them all!

Pre-order your must-haves
Reserve a copy before they sell out!

We've opened up pre-orders on our website for our 6 new Gen Con releases! No need to pre-pay, simply place your order online and swing by Booth #2109 with a photo I.D. to pay and pick up your games!

There are LIMITED quantities of each game, so this process guarantees you can get the game(s) you are most excited about. However please pick up your order before Noon on Saturday (Aug 6), so that we can sell the games to other excited fans before the show ends.

Show us you are subscribed to this newsletter to receive a discount on your purchase!

OPTION 1: Receive 10% off entire purchase
OPTION 2: Receive 20% off when you buy new releases bundle
OPTION 3: Enter giveaway for Fall releases
Tell your friends so they can get these deals too!



Play in free events
Win prizes and enjoy full-length games!

Our team is running close to ONE HUNDRED different events during the show - and all of them are 100% free!

Reserve tickets for you and your friends to enjoy Learn & Play events for your favorite games. In the booth, we'll just be doing 15-minute demos, but these events will let you learn all the rules and finish full games with the help of a dedicated demoer.

Notable events:

  • Quoridor tournament - Friday @ 4pm
    • Winner receives choice of GIANT Quoridor or all 6 Gigamic Abstract games - shipped directly to them after Gen Con.
  • Quoridor tournament - Saturday @ 4pm
    • Winner receives choice of GIANT Quoridor or all 6 Gigamic Abstract games - shipped directly to them after Gen Con.
  • Nidavellir tournament - Saturday @ 6pm
    • Winner receives Deluxe Royal Treasure coin holder, 6 semi-finalists receive Alternate Art cards and sleeves.

Don't fret if something is sold out! Refresh the page as we get closer to Gen Con to see if anyone canceled their ticket. You can also show up to the event in person and grab a seat if there are no-shows.

Vote for your favorite games
Make a handy list of booth numbers!

BoardGameGeek has organized a preview list of all the brand new and recent releases that will be available at the show. Vote for your favorites and create a shortcut of everything you want to try and buy - even sorted by booth number!

Pro tip: Giving your favs a 👍 is an easy way to support the games, even without buying a copy, because it helps even more people see it!

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