Galileo Project: Explore Jupiter's moons!

Galileo Project: Explore Jupiter's moons!

Galileo Project was the belle of Essen SPIEL and caught some great attention at Gen Con too. It would've been in the spotlight at PAX Unplugged too, but unfortunately our shipment didn't arrive in time. Better late than never; it's finally available in stores and online!
If you like space themes, combos galore, and high quality components, check out Galileo Project. Assign robots to the four moons of Jupiter to gain (and chain!) different bonuses. Spend your Earthly or Martian influence to hire crew members for instant effects or end-game scoring. And build powerful technologies to change the course of the game!

"If you're looking for a medium-weight engine builder that's easy to learn and has a ton of strategic depth, absolutely check out Galileo Project." - Rahdo Runs Through

About the game:

  • Game info: Players 2-4 / Ages 14+ / Playtime 40+ min
  • Designers: Adrien Hesling
  • Studio: Sorry We Are French
  • Mechanics: Tableau building, open drafting, effect combos
  • Order from: Hachette website, Amazon, or your FLGS

Galileo Project is a standalone game in the Ganymede universe, combining combos and engine building. 30 years after sending the first colonial ships from Ganymede, humanity decided to launch Project Galileo! Its goal: settle onto the four main satellites of Jupiter to broaden human presence in the solar system.​

Play as the same corporations involved in the events of Ganymede and settle onto the 4 satellites of Jupiter by acquiring robots from Earth and Mars, recruiting experts, developing technologies, and building superstructures.

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