Feline Fun on Nekojima Island!

Feline Fun on Nekojima Island!

Welcome to Nekojima, the electrifying island nestled in the heart of Japan! Amidst the bustling districts, where the electricity network is the talk of the town, there's an added element of excitement: the island's mischievous cat population.


As you take on the challenge of stacking Denchuu (Electrical Poles) with precision, you'll find yourself maneuvering through the narrow terrain while dodging the playful cats strolling along the cables. It's a balancing act like no other!

Place the Denchu carefully! 

Cats must only hang from their intended cables, or it's a cat-astrophe!

Gather your friends, sharpen your claws, and let the electrifying fun begin on Nekojima – where the thrill is high, and the cats are even higher!

Game info:

  • 1-5 players / 15 minutes / ages 7+
  • Mechanics: Dexterity, Party, Cats!
  • MSRP: $36.99
  • Release date: August 2024
  • Studio: Unfriendly Games

Available for pre-order today and releasing in August 2024!

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