Danni Loe Departs as Marketing Manager

Danni Loe Departs as Marketing Manager

Hachette Boardgames USA shares the bittersweet announcement that as June comes to a close, so too does Danni Loe’s role on the team as she explores a new opportunity in the board game industry. As one of the first employees on the US team, Danni filled the role of Marketing Manager and led significant projects for the board game distributor, including expanding their influencer program, launching a consumer website, and fortifying their studios’ brand presences in the states.  

Danni reflects on her time at Hachette: “It’s astounding how much the team accomplished in its first year, and I’m proud to have contributed to its success. I leave the team with nothing but love and wish them the best. I’m excited to see all their plans come to fruition and then some!” 

“Of course, we're sad to see Danni leave, but we're so very excited for her as she continues to grow in her career,” says T. Caires, Director of Hachette Boardgames USA. “It has always been my personal goal to work with Danni and it was an honor to call her the Marketing to my Sales for our time together at Hachette.”  

The Marketing Manager role will remain empty through August, as Hachette Boardgames USA focuses on their plans to exhibit at Gen Con 2023. The board game distributor will continue supporting their eight studios to the fullest and launch over a dozen new games through the rest of the year, in addition to supporting their existing catalog of 50+ games.

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