Critical: Foundation pre-orders open now!

Critical: Foundation pre-orders open now!

Critical: Foundation (Season 1) made its early debut at Gen Con, where we had scheduled events, demo tables, and early copies for purchase. It's finally releasing next month, but pre-orders are open now through your local game store and Amazon!

Critical: Foundation is constructed like a television series, with each of the nine episodes taking 30 minutes to play. You can take on the role of Gamemaster, who directs the adventure, or play as one of the characters to put yourself in the story. The game provides an RPG-style experience with board game scaffolding via character cards, simplified dice-based combat, and a "choose your own adventure" style story booklets.

Game info:

  • Game info: Players 2-5 / Ages 13+ / Playtime 30 min
  • Designer: Yohann Lemonnier, Kristoff Valla
  • Original publisher: Gigamic
  • Mechanics: Role-playing, dice rolling, storytelling
  • Release: September
  • Pre-order: Amazon or FLGS

How is it different than a normal RPG?

  • QUICK PLAYTIME: The game is formatted like a TV show, with nine 30-minute "episodes" culminating in a season finale.
  • OPTIONAL IMPROV: You can follow the "choose your own adventure" style text for each episode verbatim and still experience an intriguing and cohesive story.
  • SIMPLIFIED CHECKS: Whether it's combat or skills, roll a single die and compare it to a range of difficulty. No math needed!
  • CARD-BASED CHARACTERS: Your background, stats, equipment, and personality are all established through cards. No pen and paper!

It's 2035, and the world has changed a little. Huge multinationals have taken over, and nanotechnologies are part of everyday life. Icarus was created to respond to the new challenges that this new way of life brings. Its goal: Investigate sensitive cases and undertake delicate operations.

1. Create your character

Choose one of 8 diverse characters to play in the game, depending on their look, occupation, and attributes. You determine their name and background. Your choices and the Gamemaster's narration will bring them to life!




2. Check your skills

The Gamemaster may occasionally ask your character to roll dice to see if you successfully complete an action you describe. These checks range in difficulty level and depend on your character's specific skills they've developed!




3. Live the story

Experience each scene through a mix of narrative, role-playing, investigation, and action. The Gamemaster's role is to guide you through the plot, describing the results (or consequences) of your actions. Uncover clues, emerge from combat, and live the story!




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