Collect strange creatures in Vivarium!

Collect strange creatures in Vivarium!

Vivarium is a new filler card game from Studio H, known for the stunning visuals and immersive narrative in their games like Suspects, Oltree, Northgard, and more.
As part of the Vivarium Syndicate of Scientists, explore a continent free of any human presence, sheltering a teeming life, in forms never encountered before! Document unknown plants, colossal creatures, and use your equipment to survive in this new environment.
Each turn, exchange one of your dominoes with the one in the middle to create coordinates that determine which card you take from the board. Using the numbers available to you, decide to collect a new type or color of creature, gain useful equipment, or take on a new contract for more points.

Game info:

  • 2-4 players / 30 minutes / ages 10+
  • Mechanics: Set collection, Open drafting, Contracts
  • MSRP: $24.99
  • Release date: May 31, 2023
  • Studio: Studio H

"[Vivarium] uses simple and familiar mechanisms but wraps them up in a tight package. The addition of the fairly novel domino system for choosing coordinates pushes this one over the top." Opinionated Gamers

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