Akropolis price drop & release date change

Akropolis price drop & release date change

GOOD NEWS: Price drop

We are very excited to announce that, after crunching some numbers, we are able to lower the suggested retail price of Akropolis from $40 to only $30!

With this change, we hope that many more people are able to enjoy this clever tile-laying game and create their own cities along the Mediterranean coast.

ORIGINS GAME FAIR: For those of you who were able to pick up a copy of Akropolis at Origins Game Fair earlier this month, don't worry - we have already refunded you the $10 you spent.

MEH NEWS: Release delayed to August 24

Now for some less exciting news. Due to logistic issues, we were forced to delay the release date from July to August 24th.

This change guarantees that our distribution and retail partners have time to receive the game before we send all of you to their doorsteps!

However, don't be too sad. Pre-orders are still open on Amazon and through your local game store. We also plan to have copies at Gen Con (see next section!).

MORE GOOD NEWS: Available at Gen Con

After a hugely successful response at Origins Game Fair, we're even more excited to bring Akropolis to Gen Con!

Here are some ways you can enjoy Akropolis at the show:

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