Gen Con 2024 Event FAQ

We'll see you at Gen Con on August 1-4, 2024 in Indianapolis, IN! Here's a quick round-up of all the fun stuff we have planned for the show.


Pre-orders for booth pick-up are now open! Sign up for our newsletter to receive 10% off your order online or in-person at booth #2329. We'll have limited stock of our games at the show, so make sure you pre-order the games you're most excited about!


This list rounds up all the newest releases and demos for the convention. Here's a quick link to our games. Make sure to give them a thumbs-up, and mark your interest so you can easily access them in the future!


Our booth (#2329) is the place to enjoy quick 15-minute demos of our newest releases! Get an overview of the gameplay, ask our amazing demo team any of your burning questions, and head to the next table to get a feel for the next game!


Event registration opens on Sunday, May 21 at 12pm ET. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when it opens, so you can reserve tickets for the events you're most excited about!

Our Learn & Play events are structured so you learn all the rules from our demo team, then play the game as time permits (usually finishing it!). The Breakfast and Pub events follow this format - they just have yummy food and drink included in their ticket price!

We have both multi-round (qualifiers + finals) and single-round tournaments (one event) planned for a few of our games. The format will be specified in the event name and description.

We also have a special Game Show featuring some of our favorite content creators!